I’ve published my first free font just some days ago,
it’s the first font that I’ve ever designed.
Now after this amazing experience I want to share with you the work behind design a typeface.

What kind of font

Zero is a sans-serif display font.
It is geometric and grid-based, the same grid is used to design all the glyphs, “W” and “M” apart.

Get inspired

The most important thing I have learned about designing a font is that it is a very hard work.
There are some steps to follow, first of all, it is to observe the other fonts.
Create a folder where to put all that is considered interesting and inspiring.
I usually use Pinterest.


After that, a good way to start creating their own glyphs is draw them on paper.
The paper is a good prototyping system, because you can modify letters very fast.
There are several tricks to design your own font, first of all, start drawing the letters O and H, these are the basic shapes to draw many other letters (such as D) that are a mix of these.


Is also important to create a gap, between the letters in curved shapes like O and the others (such as N).
It’s not an error, it serves to make it appear the glyphs perfectly aligned.

The right editor

What is the right app to design a font? When all the letters have been well defined, you can digitize all glyphs and bring it on programs like Glyphs, Robofont and others. For example I’ve used FontLab Studio.

Interested? Feel free to mail me