About me

I’m Sergio, actually with 8 years of experience in digital communication. Since 2016 I'm specialized in Ui/Ux and recently
I am focusing to become a Ux Specialist.


My path

After design and marketing studies, I started to take the first steps in an agency, between Naples and Milan. Later I decided to move abroad, to the Netherlands, where I worked for a couple of years in a bank as a Ui designer.

I moved back to Italy, relocated to Milan, and started to work for several agencies and companies as Ux/Ui designer. One of the most valuable experiences is the one I made in Bemind, a product design agency.

Recently, I decided to start to work as a freelance and I already had the fortune to work for important clients and cool projects.

My vision

I strongly believe that good work is made from a deep research and analysis phase and that a successful one depends not on casual factors but methods and passion. The goal is to become an expert on the topic. The methodology I apply is UCD where the design is iterative and focused on user and needs, never forgetting the business goals.


Never stop and self-invest

In recent years, the scenario has changed and evolved as never before. Professionals specialized and the approach became more scientific and conscious. Nowadays the experience is not enough, but studies and experimentation. For this reason, I invest in myself via periodic training and side projects where I can learn something new.

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